Welcome to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).   Thank you for joining our team!

Our mission is one of unparalleled importance, and its success is solely dependent upon our most valuable resource – our people.  Everyone at DTRA performs an important role.  The work we do has the power to change the future.  Our leadership is committed to your success, and we are happy you have chosen to partner with us to achieve our critical missions.

We want to make your transition as easy as possible. This Onboarding Portal provides information you’ll need to begin working in your exciting, new role.  It explains what you need to do before your first day, as well as how we will help you get ready for your new responsibilities.  If at anytime you have questions regarding onboarding, your Sponsor and your Supervisor should be your first line of support.  You may also contact your Human Resources Specialist, or e-mail dtra.belvoir.J1.list.onboarding-program@mail.mil

Welcome to our team!

The blue buttons, as depicted below, are provided to help you navigate through each section of the Onboarding Portal.  If you are a member of the Senior Executive Service, click


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Our values allow personnel to achieve their commitment to total customer satisfaction by meeting and anticipating customer needs.


 Questions or comments?  E-mail dtra.belvoir.J1.list.onboarding-program@mail.mil