" The Defense Threat Reduction Agency enables DoD, the U.S. Government, and international partners to counter and deter weapons of mass destruction and improvised threats networks. "

DTRA, like its legacy orgnizations going all the way back to the Manhattan Project during World War II, deals with some of the most serious threats to our national security. DTRA has a wide variety of programs to address these issues, from cutting edge research and development projects, to front line boots-on-the-ground training, to running the Defense Nuclear Weapons School for the U.S. military -- and dozens more. The DTRA Mission states what we do, but these DTRA Functions explain how:

Anticipate & Understand Future Threats: Anticipate and understand future threats, the networks and pathways that lead to their development, and identify proactive measures to counter the threats.

Provide Situational Understanding: Provide situational understanding of current and emerging threats, threat networks, associated risks, and all measures that can be brought to bear to defeat them.

Enable Nuclear Deterrent: Enable a safe, secure, reliable, and effective Nuclear Deterrent.

Counter Proliferation & Facilitation: Support DoD and USG efforts to counter the facilitation, proliferation, and use of WMD and improvised threats.

Innovate Capability Solutions: Provide innovative solutions to protect against and combat WMD and improvised threats.

Prepare for and Respond to Crisis: Prepare for and enable responses to crises involving WMD; and prepare for, and adapt to, battlefield surprise involving weapons of strategic influence.