International Counterproliferation Program

In the fight to prevent weapons of mass destruction (WMD) from moving across the planet, DTRA serves as the Executive Agent for the DoD International Counterproliferation (ICP) Program that sends interagency teams to the nations of the former Soviet Union and other regions of specific interest to our military commands.

Through the ICP Program, DTRA has provided training and detection equipment to over 10,000 international participants. Our agency currently provide education on countering weapons of mass destruction in more than 30 nations around the world, engaging police, border officials, investigators and national security executives who determine WMD response on and within their borders.

DTRA serves an important role in controlling the world’s arms supply - Verification. By gathering and analyzing information about a country’s weapons status, DTRA is able to establish whether or not a nation is in compliance of treaties in place, ensuring the integrity of our diplomatic agreements and preserving the safety of the United States and our allies around the world.