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Photo Caption: Ticonderoga Class missle cruiser conducting missle tests. (DTRA photo)
quoteDTRA offers a unique asset to DOD and the entire U.S. Government for combating WMD. It alone in the U.S. Government has a mandate for combat support, operations, and research and development which extends to all three pillars of the National Strategy and all three WMD threats - chemical, biological and nuclear.quote [ Dr. Ashton B. Carter and The Honorable Robert G. Joseph Review Panel on Future Directions for Defense Threat Reduction Agency Missions and Capabilities to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction, March 2008 ]

Our country’s warfighters are part of the best-trained, most technologically advanced military in the world, from the Air Force pilot to the Navy Underwater Demolition team, from the Marine tank crew to the Army surgeon – they are the best at what they do. The same can be said of our WMD experts at DTRA. So when our troops in the field run into a WMD problem where a molecular biologist or a nuclear physicist would come in handy, they call upon DTRA.

DTRA’s reachback capability supports our warfighters and partners almost like a virtual expert by their side. Our vast assets include the agency’s subject matter experts and unique technologies available to assist military customers and partners in the field. Additionally, DTRA’s reachback capability is available to other federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, as well as law enforcement agencies that may need assistance with dealing with WMD threats.

Maintaining Global WMD Situational Awareness

DTRA’s complex mission requires the agency to maintain awareness not only of its own operations around the world, but of the global military and threat environment. DTRA’s Operations Center plays this important role as the agency’s nexus for global WMD awareness.

Access to Unmatched and Unlimited Capabilities and Expertise

Whether it’s assistance in predicting the spread of a chemical weapon in a war zone or technical guidance to solve a problem, DTRA provides access to the best WMD subject matter experts and technologies to help our nation’s warfighters and our allies. DTRA’s capabilities and expertise are unmatched throughout the Department of Defense.

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