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DTRA/SCC-WMD in the News and Media - 2014

Dec 12DTRA Medical Countermeasures Help West African Ebola Crisis 

Dec 09 -
Two Robots, One Challenge, Endless Possibility

Dec 08 - DoD Threat Reduction Agency Builds Anti-Ebola Capacity

Dec 04 - Trancom Developd System to Transport Ebola Patients

Nov 12 - 
DTRA, SCC-WMD and SJFHQ-E Receive Joint Meritorious Unit Awards

Nov 10 - Ebola Response Hospital Opens in Liberia

Nov 4 - Army Scientists Make Ebola Vaccine Advances

Nov 3 - We have military research to thank for Ebola vaccines

Nov 3 - Rockets 'destroy chemical weapons'

Oct 31 - Closing In On An Ebola Vaccine

Oct 31 - DTRA Solutions to Counter Ebola Outbreak

Oct 28 - The world relies on this one U.S. company to fly Ebola patients

Oct 26 - Pentagon builds units to transport Ebola patients

Oct 16 - U.S. Military Stands Up Labs, Hospital in Liberia

Oct 16 - Pentagon Spokesman Notes Operation United Assistance Progress

Oct 16 - US Support to Ghana for Ebola Preparedness

Oct 10 - Remarks at a Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (SBGS) base in Kyiv

Oct 9 - AMC civilians essential part of Syrian chemical weapons disposal

Oct 9 - Cyborg Bacteria Can defeat Bioterrorism

Oct 8 - DoD Medical Countermeasures Find Use in Ebola Outbreak

Oct 6 -
Potential Ebola vaccines studied by DoD agencies

Oct 6 - Ebola drugs are in the works

Oct 5 - Pentagon official who headed Syria chemical weapons removal to help combat Ebola outbreak

Sep 27 - DTRA/SCC-WMD Director joins U.S. Ambassador at Ribbon Cutting for A Public Health Research Laboratory in Kazakhstan - Read

Sep 26 - Simulations Provided Early Alert to Deadly Potential of Ebola

Sep 22 -
Years of Preparation Pay Off with Ebola Diagnostic
Sep 18 -
Portsmouth-based Cape Ray back from Syria mission

Sep 15 - Armed With Science: I See Your Smart Phone and Raise You Smart Bacteria

Sep 15 - With Bio-Threats on the Rise, US Focuses on Global Cooperation, Rapid Detection in Wake of BioWatch Gen-3 Demise

Sep 10 - Germany begins incinerating Syria's chemical weapons previously neutralized aboard the MV Cape Ray
Aug 20 -
MV Cape Ray Signals DTRA 'Mission Complete'
Aug 19 -
Hagel Congratulates Cape Ray for Syria Mission

Aug 18 -
Statement by the President on the Completion by the M/V Cape Ray of the Destruction of Syria’s Declared Chemical Weapons

Aug 18 - Aberdeen Proving Ground team completes destruction of Syrian chemical weapons

Aug 18 - The Cape Ray Signals Mission Complete: Syrian Chemical Weapons Destroyed - Read 

Aug 15 -
Neutron Detector Named Among Top 100 Technologies of the Year

Aug 12 - 75 Percent of Syria Chemical Materials Reported Destroyed 

Aug 7 - Almost Three Quarters of Syria's Entire Stockpile Now Destroyed

Aug 7 - Army shows ABC7 new chemical defense lab at Aberdeen

Aug 6 - 60% of Syria's known chemical weapons neutralized

Jul 25 - 25 percent of Syrian chemical weapons neutralized

Jul 18 - 15 percent of Syrian Sarin chemicals destroyed

Jul 18 - Cape Ray Continues Neutralizing Syrian Chemical Materials

Jul 15 - Syrian Chemicals headed for Cheshire after UK arrival

Jul 7 - Cape Ray Begins Neutralizing Syrian Chemical Materials

Jul 3 -
Transfer of Syrian Chemicals to Cape Ray is Complete

Jul 1 -
Cape Ray Arrives in Italy to Receive Syrian Chemicals

June 25 -
Cape Ray Leaves Spain to Receive Syrian Materials

June 23 - Hagel Notes Milestone in Ending Syria’s Chemical Weapons Program

Feb 24 - DTRA/SCC-WMD and Centers for Disesase Control Formalize Cooperation on Biosecurity Efforts - Read 

Feb 13 -
Cape Ray Arrives in Spain to Await Syrian Chemical Mission 

Feb 4 - Seisim Test Draft Environmental Assessment Finds Little To No Impact Near Former Teton Dam Site -

Jan 28 - Cape Ray Leaves for Syria Mission

Jan 13 - Cape Ray Conducts Final Sea Trials for Syria Mission

Jan 3 - Army to Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons Aboard Ship

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