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Nuclear Surety Inspections

Photo Caption: A DTRA Air Force officer observes the security procedures on a submarine during a nuclear surety inspection. (DTRA photo)

Safe. Secure. Ready.

Our country’s nuclear arsenal needs to be all three in order to be an effective deterrent for the United States and our non-nuclear allies, and DTRA is responsible for ensuring these three conditions are met, every day, around the world.

DTRA has a unit of nuclear experts that focuses solely on inspections and nuclear surety. Our teams travel to Air Force bases and Navy ports across the planet to conduct what are likely the most intense, invasive and critical inspections in the U.S. military. DTRA talks to everyone involved in our nuclear-capable Air Force and Navy units, from the youngest mechanic to the senior officer in charge. We make sure every safety system is in place, maintained and in working order, and put the crew through a number of drills and exercises to ensure everybody knows their job, the proper procedures – and how to react when chaos unfolds and the situation changes.

DTRA conducts nuclear inspections throughout the year to make sure we are providing the ultimate safety and security for the ultimate weapons.

Because of the focus we place on our nuclear force, our leaders can remain confident that the nuclear option remains available to them – and that those who wish harm upon the United States and our allies understand that.



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