DTRA is committed to working towards increasing employee awareness of, and commitment to, the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle: physical activity, nutrition, healthy choices, and prevention.  Repeated scientific studies have proven that improved health and wellness of the workforce reduces stress, minimizes the use of sick leave, and increases morale and productivity. To that end, we encourage all eligible employees to take advantage of the flexibility afforded by the DTRA Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program.

The DTRA Civilian Fitness and Wellness Programs allow civilian employees to take up to 1 hour of Administrative Leave (Wellness) per day, up to 3 regularly scheduled workdays per week, for the purpose of participating in activities related to civilian fitness and wellness, with supervisory approval.

Fort Belvoir also offers fitness centers available to DTRA employees, both military and civilian. Fort Belvoir has a vast selection of recreation and fitness options to choose from. Modern fitness centers offer a pleasant atmosphere to help you maintain your personal workout program. Runners will enjoy choosing from any of Fort Belvoir’s running trails that vary in distance on the North and South Posts.

For those employees located in the National Capital Region, Ft. Belvoir has the HQC Fitness Center and a vast selection of recreation and fitness options to choose from.  These include modern fitness centers that offer a pleasant atmosphere to help you stick with your personal workout program.

For employees located in Albuquerque NM, Kirtland AFB offers the East Fitness Center, West Fitness Center, and the Health and Wellness Center with a variety of fitness options.  Runners can enjoy the choice of numerous running trails varying in distance on the East and West sides of the base.  Visit the  Kirkland AFB Fitness Center  information web page for details.


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