DTRA is committed to working towards increasing Service member awareness of, and commitment to, the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle: physical activity, nutrition, healthy choices, and prevention.  Repeated scientific studies have proven that improved health and wellness of the workforce reduces stress, minimizes the use of sick leave and increases morale and productivity.  To that end, the military program is a requirement that should be supported by all supervisors. DTRA does not have its own military PT policy, because members of the Armed Services are required by regulations/instruction to work out a prescribed amount of time to meet their Service's physical fitness standards.  Service members are held accountable to those standards through a semiannual evaluation process, which affects promotion and retention.  A physically fit service member is mission-focused and more operationally ready.

Below are the relevant sections from each Service's fitness policy outlining the minimum day-to-day fitness requirements:

Air Force Personnel Fitness Program - AFI 36-2905, Chapter 1, para PT program requirements: unit PT programs will encourage members to participate in physical fitness training up to 90 minutes, 3-5 times per week. Consistent with mission requirements, commanders are encouraged to schedule or authorize military Service members time to participate in physical fitness training during the duty day. 

Army Physical Readiness Training - AR 350-1, Section VI, para 1-24.d.:  Personnel in the Active Army (AA), Army National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve will take part in either collective or individual physical fitness training programs year-round.  Active Component units, individuals, and Reserve component Soldiers on active duty will conduct regularly scheduled (at least three times per week for one hour), vigorous physical fitness training during the unit's normal duty day as determined by the commander. 

Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program - MCO 6100.13, Chapter 2, para 2.3.a&e: [Physical fitness training] consists of five 30 minute sessions per week.  To the extent possible, commanders will allow Marines to conduct these conditioning sessions within normal working hours.

Navy Physical Readiness Program - OPNAV INSTRUCTION 6110.1J - para 5.a.(2): Physical fitness shall be integrated into the workweek, consistent with mission and operational requirements. To maintain health and decrease the risk of chronic disease, Members should participate in moderate activity at least: 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) per week (i.e., 50 minutes three times per week, or 75 minutes two times per week).

Fort Belvoir also offers fitness centers available to DTRA personnel.  Fort Belvoir has a vast selection of recreation and fitness options from which to choose.  Modern fitness centers offer a pleasant atmosphere to help you stick with your personal workout program.  Runners will enjoy choosing from any of Fort Belvoir’s running trails that vary in distance on the North and South Posts.

For those Service members located in the National Capital Region, Ft. Belvoir has the HQC Fitness Center and a selection of recreation and fitness options from which to choose.  These modern fitness centers offer a pleasant atmosphere to help you maintain your personal workout program.  The Fort Belvoir and the HQC Fitness Centers also offer various classes that can assist in maintaining or improving a Service members fitness level.  For Runners, you will enjoy choosing from any of Fort Belvoir's running trails that vary in distance on the North and South Posts. 

For Service members located in Albuquerque NM, Kirtland AFB offers the East Fitness Center, West Fitness Center, and the Health and Wellness Center with a variety of fitness options.  Runners can enjoy the choice of numerous running trails varying in distance on the East and West sides of the base.  Visit the  
Kirkland AFB Fitness Center  information web page for details.