Wireless and Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) are prohibited in all DTRA/SCC-WMD buildings, offices, and work spaces, except when wireless devices are brought into the buildings to be stored in government provided lockers.  PEDs are any easily transportable electronic device that has a capability to record, copy, store, and/or transmit data, digital images, video, and/or telephones, radios [amplitude modulation (AM)/frequency modulation (FM), satellite], compact discs, cassette players and recorders, portable data assistants (e.g., Android, BlackBerry, or iOS devices), digital audio devices (e.g., MP3 players, iPods), cameras, camcorders, calculators, electronic book readers (e-readers), and electronic watches with input capability and/or reminder recorders.

Prohibited wireless devices include, but are not limited to:
  • All personally owned, and government issued cell phones and smartphones (including BlackBerrys)
  • Laptops not issued by DTRA/SCC-WMD.  DTRA/SCC-WMD issued laptops are exempt from the policy, but the wireless capability must be disabled within DTRA/SCC-WMD spaces. DTRA/SCC-WMD-issued laptops must always be accompanied by property passes.  These property passes must be kept with the laptop at all times.
  • Tablets
  • Two-way pagers and similar devices

Wireless devices, including DTRA/SCC-WMD issued BlackBerrys or other types of wireless devices, which employees/visitors do not want to leave at home or in vehicles must be turned off prior to entering DTRA/SCC-WMD facilities and stored in lockers provided in the main lobby of the Defense Threat Reduction Center or similar storage lockers at other remote facilities.

Contact your supervisor if you have additional questions regarding wireless and portable devices.

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Questions or comments?  E-mail onboarding@dtra.mil.