Hints and Reminders

iRAPT Overview
FAR-DFARS Clause per Invoice Type
iRAPT Clause

DTRA has three active DoDAACs in iRAPT

  • HDTRA1 -Ft. Belvoir, VA
  • HDTRA2 -Albuquerque, NM

You will be able to find the correct DoDAACs (routing codes) on the first page of the contract. If there are DTRA DoDAACs listed other than HDTRA1, HDTRA2 or HDTRA3, please contact you contracting officer or the DTRA iRAPT Team.

Expired Password
To reset your password, go to the WAWF e-Business Suite site. Click on the "Forgot your password?" link below the password field. If you have not set up the security questions, or cannot remember your answers, contact the Ogden Helpdesk at (866)618-5988.

Payment Status
Call the DFAS Columbus Help Desk (800)756-4571, option 1.


Call the DFAS Indianapolis Help Desk (317)212-1816.

How to Find a DCAA DoDAAC
If you are creating a Cost Voucher, you must enter your DCAA DoDAAC.

To find your DCAA DoDAAC, go to
On the top menu bar click "Locator" and choose your location.
On the next page enter your CAGE Code, DUNS code or ZIP Code

The DCAA office DoDAAC that you need  to use for your Cost Vouchers will be displayed. It is recommended that you call the DCAA office listed to verify your audit office prior to invoicing.

Cost Vouchers - Types of Contracts
All Cost-Type contracts, Time and Materials, and Labor Hour contracts should be invoiced on a Cost Voucher document in iRAPT.