News | May 16, 2022

DTRA Kicks Off the 2022 Chemical and Biological Operational Analysis (CBOA)

By DTRA PA Defense Threat Reduction Agency

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is holding the 2022 Chemical and Biological Operational Analysis (CBOA), the annual, scenario-based exercise that analyzes chemical and biological technology prototypes from both U.S. Joint Force and adversary perspectives.  This training event provides researchers an opportunity to elicit joint force feedback during the technology development process.

Held at the Integrated Base Defense Test Facility located at Eglin Air Force Base, FL, this event provides technology developers with vital input from joint force members that result in improvements that eliminate shortfalls. Stakeholders from across the Department of Defense Enterprise, interagency, private industry and international partners were on-hand to observe and participate in this live-field experiment.

This year’s CBOA features over two dozen technology prototypes for assessment.  As the week progresses, scenario complexity will increase to stretch the limits of participating technologies. Forces will navigate, analyze and mitigate mock threats while using technologies in scenarios involving expeditionary airfield operations, site assessments, decontamination protocols, medical diagnostic utilization and prevention-response activities.  This learning approach generates real-time feedback to DTRA program managers and industry developers to optimize the use and form factor of participating technologies. 

In addition, the event also hosts the “User Feedback Tent for Technology Concepts” or simply “Concept Tent,” complimenting CBOA’s operator–to-technology engagement activities. The “Concept Tent” offers a venue for the user-community to provide feedback focused on capability improvements and employment concepts of emerging technology that can potentially be exercised in future CBOA events.  This year’s event will highlight 18 emerging technologies and 5 quick-look technology prototypes. 

Funded by the Chemical and Biological Defense Program, CBOA provides a unique learning venue to further the understanding of military challenges and their potential solutions. Technology reports and user feedback assessments generated from this event will inform technology developments, spark innovation through collaborations, substantiate acquisition decisions, and accelerate counter WMD capability deliver to the Joint Forces.  

CBOA is just one of many events in which DTRA develops capabilities to prepare for, identify, respond to, and mitigate WMD threats.  

To view the last CBOA event, follow this link:

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