The Defense Threat Reduction Information Analysis Center (DTRIAC) is the key Department of Defense source of information and analysis on nuclear and conventional weapons-related topics. Sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, DTRIAC has major reference collections of documents, photographic data, and films and can search, retrieve and perform analyses on DTRA-internal and community-wide nuclear/conventional weapons phenomena, effects and technology matters and related nuclear/conventional technology transfer applications.

DTRIAC Dispatch

Who We Serve

DTRIAC services are available to all U.S. organizations having a need-to-know, certified by their government contract sponsor, and registered with Defense Logistics Information Services (DLIS) to receive export-controlled data. In order to take advantage of our archives, you must be, or sponsored by, a U.S. government organization, have a DLIS number or have the permission of DTRA.

Submissions to DTRIAC

DTRIAC is the official repository for all DTRA-sponsored technical reports. All reports resulting from DTRA contracts must be submitted to DTRIAC.

Reports that do not go through the normal DTRA publications process can be submitted via DTRA-DTRIAC@mail.mil. Hard copy reports may also be submitted by mail to DTRIAC at 1680 Texas St SE, Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5669. Should you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact the Operations Manager at 505-846-9448 (Kirtland AFB, ABQ, NM) or the Technical Editor at 703-767-6684 (DTRC, Ft Belvoir, VA).



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