DTRA enhances the Joint Force ability to win conflicts, defeat adversary WMD capabilities, and mitigate the effects from WMD employment. U.S. Forces deter aggression and preserve peace. Should deterrence fail, the Joint Force must be prepared to dominate the battlespace. Today, adversaries have determined that WMD is critical to shape the battlespace, exert coercive influence, and to achieve military aims. The Agency’s enduring mission is to enable the Joint Force to overcome WMD employment and win future conflicts. DTRA delivers expertise and products to counter WMD and improvised threats. The Agency’s efforts include developing, testing, and transitioning tools to Services and Combatant Commanders. We also engage with allies and partners to disrupt weapons of mass destruction during conflict.

Through collaboration and innovation, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency has integrated its powerful, hazard-awareness-and-response tools into the Android Tactical Assault Kit (or the Android Team Awareness Kit, ATAK)

DTRA's objectives for dominating during conflict:

Neutralize WMD threats in crisis and conflict.

Inform CCMD planning through WMD expertise.

Integrate international partners into coalition operations.

Understand adversaries’ WMD doctrine and posture.



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