Keeping an Eye on Global WMD Awareness

Located within the Defense Threat Reduction Center on Ft. Belvoir, Va., the DTRA Operations Center provides around-the-clock global WMD awareness to the agency’s internal and external customers. The DTRA Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has access to a wide variety of resources, providing it with up to the minute information about the WMD environment worldwide.

Additionally, the DTRA Operations Center serves as the focal point for the Department of Defense’s WMD reachback system. Customers from throughout the military, including the Combatant Commands, Joint Staff, National Guard Bureau and State Civil Support Teams, can contact the DTRA Operations Center to request support from DTRA’s subject matter experts and resources. Interagency partners in the federal government can also request the support via the DTRA Operations Center.

In addition, the DTRA Operations Center maintains command and control of DTRA assets worldwide and provides support to DTRA leadership, ensuring they have the information they need for making decisions about our efforts to combat WMD.

1-(877) 240-1187 or (703) 767-2000 or (703) 767-2003
DSN: 427-2000 or 427-2003

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