Detect. Deter. Defeat.

By pushing the boundaries of science and technology

From ground-breaking research and development programs, to cutting edge medical research, from protecting our troops from future threats, to providing our military with the counter WMD weapons systems, we have a long history of overcoming what others believe impossible, challenging the status quo, and using the latest scientific discoveries to provide our troops with cutting edge technologies. 

 Stopping the Next Ebola Epidemic Before It Starts:
Training Sierra Leone Staff to Run Their Own Lab
  DTRA Developed the TIS to Deal With Ebola;
Now Air Force Crews Are Training With the TIS
  DTRA Nuclear Technologies Department
Wins Two Prestigious R&D 100 Awards
How DTRA's Basic Research Programs
Are Accelerating Nuclear Detection Technologies
  Discreet Oculus: Figuring Out What Kind of Nuclear
Weapon Was Used - And Who Used It
  DTRA Helps Build the Philippines
CBRNE Response Capability
The National Countering WMD Technical Reachback
Enterprise reached initial operational capability 
  DTRA and Los Alamos National Lab
Are Developing Cutting Edge Countermeasures 
  DTRA Continues Fight Against Ebola
Through W. Africa Disaster Prep. Initiative