Before You Report


  1. New Cyber Awareness Challenge (Department of Defense Version   ( submit via email )
  2. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)   (submit via email)

    Print/save a copy of the completion certificates. If you experience a challenge printing the certificates, you may capture a screen shot of the completion certificate and print/save the screen shot. Note: You are not required to re-take the training if you have training certificates dated within the last calendar year; however, you must still provide the certificates.

  3. Initial Security & Counterintelligence In-Processing Briefing (PDF)
  4. DTRA Form 120 – Read, *sign, and submit via email. (PDF)
  5. DTRA Form 205 – Read, *sign, and submit via email. (PDF)
  6. Active Shooter Video (link)

*If you have a CAC, you may digitally sign the DTRA Forms 120 and 205. You may only exercise this option if you have a CAC. All others must sign the documents by hand.

Submit all four documents (Cyber Awareness Challenge and PII training certificates, along with your signed DTRA Forms 120 and 205) via email to with the subject line “LASTNAME - In-Processing Paperwork”.  If you cannot send via email, you must bring them with you on your first day.

If you are a CONTRACTOR, and your duty location is:

Reston: Email to , and CC your sponsor or onboarding POC.

Albuquerque: Email to , and CC your sponsor or onboarding POC.