The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is the DoD Agency that confronts WMD challenges and emerging threats. Our mission is to protect the United States and its allies by enabling the DoD and international partners to detect, deter, and defeat WMD and threat networks. As both a Defense Agency and Combat Support Agency, DTRA preserves peace and prepares for uncertainty by delivering innovative capabilities, objective analysis, effective programs, and world-class expertise.

DTRA works with international partners and allies to mitigate the impact of WMD. These efforts include programs to train, exercise, engage, and build the capacity of partner nations. In particular, DTRA allied and partner engagements focus on risk reduction, nonproliferation, interdiction, border security, force protection, biosecurity, and consequence management.

A core DTRA mission is its role in implementing the inspection, escort, and monitoring provisions of key arms control treaties and agreements. DTRA’s legacy of leading on-site inspection activities includes the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), Open Skies, and New START.



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The enduring factor enabling us to provide consistent value to the DoD and the US government is our people. Whether it is world-class scientists developing cutting edge therapeutics for pathogens, to planners providing the Joint Force with solutions to complex WMD problems, to specialists ensuring that the world’s most dangerous weapons and materials are safe and secure, to a 24/7 technical reach-back capability that provides real-time expertise, our people are our most precious resource.

DTRA supports and, in many cases, serves as the executive agent for every facet of the counter-WMD (CWMD) mission. These activities include cooperative threat reduction, CWMD capability research and development, force protection, nonproliferation, arms control, partner capacity building, CBRN table-top and field exercises, plans support, and strategic dialogues. DTRA works with partners to understand, disrupt, secure, interdict, and counter WMD as well as emerging threats.


Do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons, regardless of circumstances or consequences.

Sustain dignity and respect by fostering an inclusive, engaged and capable workforce,
trusted to take personal initiative, enabled and supported by leadership.

Be risk-tolerant and operate at the speed of relevancy.

Understand and meet the operational needs of those we support.

Be bold with courage to fail and the inspiration to learn and develop creative solutions.

Collaborate with and support our partners and each other, always putting the mission first.