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DTRA/SCC-WMD in the News - 2016

Jul 22 - Digital Detection: ECBC Researchers Explore Pathogen Detection through Open Source Website

Jul 20 - Researchers develop a 'physical cryptography' for secure and accurate accounting of the world's nuclear arsenals

Jul 14 - DoD Experts Tell Congress Nuclear Modernization Efforts 'Crucial'

Jul 14 - ECBC Team Slashes Time, Cost of Getting Better Decontamination Solution to Warfighters

Jul 13 - Surprise nuclear strike? Here's how we'll figure out who did it

Jul 13 - USA invests $9.8 million in construction of Armenian Healthcare Ministry's National Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Jul 12 - Doomed To Cooperate - Russia, The U.S. And Nuclear Weapons After The End Of The Soviet Union

Jul 11 - Rear Adm. Scott Jerabek named DTRA Deputy Director

Jul 9 - WHITE HOUSE FACT SHEET: U.S. Contributions to Enhancing Allied Resilience

Jul 7 - Congress talks port security and smuggled nukes

Jul 7 - Letting the Catalyst out of the Bag: Leveraging Interagency Efforts

Jul 7 - Agent X Still a Threat to Warfighters

Jul 7 - Networking Across Continents for New Melioidosis Countermeasures

Jul 5 - In the air, on the water, underground: 9th CST radiation drills push the limits

Jul 5 - Spongy electronic 'nose' can sniff out nerve gas and pesticides

Jul 4 - UCF researcher studies chemical weapons in his lab

Jul 4 - Pacific Ocean radiation back near normal after Fukushima: study

Jul 4 - Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines: Tests in mice show the vaccines work against Ebola, influenza, and a common parasite

Jul 1 - What's your poison? Researcher engineer toxing to deliver drugs to specific cells

Jun 30 - Wireless, wearable toxic-gas detector: Inexpensive sensors could be worn by soldiers to detect hazardous chemical agents

Jun 29 - DTRA receives prestigious DoD Engineering Achievement Award for work in nuclear forensics

Jun 29 - Quick, early test for Ebola could prevent epidemics

Jun 29 - Lightning lab: Recreating nature's big show to test safety of nuclear weapons

Jun 28 - Nuclear Radiation Detector Wins Coveted Prize for UMKC Professor and Team

Jun 28 - Cooperation of U.S., Russian scientists helped avoid nuclear catastrophe at Cold War's end, Stanford scholar says

Jun 28 - Researchers working on sensor that could help keep nation safe

Jun 28 - Opening Remarks to the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification

Jun 27 - U.S. Government Trains Sri Lankan Officials on Counterproliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Jun 27 - US, Japan, S. Korea conducting first joint ballistic missile defense drill

Jun 27 - Anthrax capsule vaccine completely protects monkeys from lethal inhalation anthrax

Jun 24 - WWI Centennial: Somme Bombardment Begins, German Unleash Phosgene Gas at Verdun

Jun 24 - Towards the development of a sustainable scientific research culture in Azerbaijan

Jun 23 - U.S. and Armenia Work Together to Prevent Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Jun 23 - Scanner more rapidly and accurately identify radioactive materials at U.S. borders, events

Jun 22 - New and Evolving CBRNe Threats Facing the Post-9/11 Generation

Jun 15 - Program maintains nukes to deter war

Jun 13 - Researchers study combustion behavior of chemical weapons

Jun 13 - U.S. Statement to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization's PrepCom 20th Anniversary Ministerial Meeting

Jun 9 - Scientists design energy-carrying particles called 'topological plexcitons'

Jun 6 - Walking and talking behaviors may help predict epidemics and trends

May 26 - Here's how the Marines are training to deal with dirty bombs

May 24 - 'Skin in the Game' with the Individual Protection System Performance Model

May 24 - Big Data to Forecast Threats Before They Happen

May 24 - Advancements in Laser Research Lead to Better Stand-off Detection for the Warfighter and Nation

May 16 - From outer space to inside the human body: a look at UofL's nanotech center

May 16 - Nunn, Lugar saw beyond Cold War

May 13 - Experiment aims to advance nuclear monitoring

May 10 - Cooperative Threat Reduction Program - You want to do WHAT for the Soviet Union?

May 10 - Aston Carter: Cooperative Threat Reduction Program Continues Through DTRA

May 9 - DTRA Grant Supports Research for Nuclear Site Inspection

May 9 - Nunn-Lugar: 25 Years of Cooperative Threat Reduction

May 9 - Carter: Threat-Reduction Program Was Novel Response to Historic Change

May 3 - Biosafety Lab in Marneuli Receives ISO Rating

May 2 - Mobile Mapping App Capturing Bat Data in Africa for Biosurveillance Training

Apr 29 - Ebola Virus Genome Provides Clues to Repeated Disease 'Flare-Ups' in Western Africa

Apr 29 - Walking the Runway: Modeling New Trajectory Patterns of Chemical Agents

Apr 29 - Lethal Weapon 24: Fighting Ebola with Human Antibodies

Apr 29 - Reduced evolutionary rate in reemerged Ebola virus transmission chains

Apr 27 - Armenia upgrades lab in Tavush with help from CTR's Cooperative Biological Engagement Program

Apr 27 - NNSA Conducts Fifth Experiment Aimed to Improve U.S. Ability to Detect Foreign Nuclear Explosions

Apr 27 - Russian inspection team observes 3ID Soldiers training in Bulgaria

Apr 26 - Tiny Plastic Lung Mimics Human Pulmonary Function

Apr 26 - UMD researchers develop laser technique for radiation detection

Apr 24 - T-1 training area in Nevada to train European police officers for dirty bombs

Apr 22 - Police ready for bio-chemical response after US training

Apr 21 - NTVTonight reports on DTRA-led CBRN training in Kenya

Apr 21 - NUWAIX exercise wraps up

Apr 19 - Kings Bay to conduct nuclear drill

Apr 18 - Georgia detains six it says were trying to sell uranium

Apr 15 - U.S. Embassy and Armenian Ministry of Health Celebrate Opening of Tavush Regional Laboratory of National Center of Disease Control and Prevention

Apr 14 - DTRA representative discusses counterproliferation with Young Diplomat's Club

Apr 13 - Minister of Internal Affairs and US Ambassador Laid Foundation of Cynology Center of Border Police

Apr 13 - Real Time, Precise and More Accurate Detectors to Bolster Nuclear Security

Apr 12 - Japan prepares for release if tritium from Fukushima plant

Apr 11 - Ambassador Kelly and Minister of Internal Affairs Mghebrishvili break ground on Georgia Land Border Project

Apr 11 - Mammoth Milestones for Synthetic Biology

Apr 8 - What's Your Vector Victor? Baiting Mosquitoes for Smarter Vector Surveillance

Apr 8 - Defense Nuclear Weapons School reservists educate 1st responders on nuke attacks

Apr 7 - DTRA-supported UC Irvine study finds safer stem cell-derived therapy for brain radiation recovery

Apr 7 - A Cocktail of Biology: Shakin' up the Space with Synthetic Ingredients

Apr 6 - Armenia National Center for Disease Control and Prevention open Tavush regional Laboratory

Apr 5 - Radioactive wild boar contaminated by Fukushima causing havoc in Japanese communities

Apr 4 - New metallic glass bounces: The secret is to make it almost -but not quite- unstructured

Apr 1 - U.S. Commandos Trained to Stop Terrorists With 'Dirty Bombs'

Mar 31 - Delegations of Ukraine, U.S. discuss final stage of solid rocket propellant elimination from SS-24 ICBMs

Mar 29 - Mapping the Global Health Security Agenda

Mar 29 - Protecting soldiers from emerging infectious diseases

Mar 28 - The Army's New Chemical Defense Testing Lab

Mar 24 - Chinese nuclear security center opens with help from Sandia Labs

Mar 24 - DTRA/SCC-WMD/SJFHQ-E Releases Strategic Plan for 2016-2020

Mar 22 - DTRA and other DoD ELDP students take on water obstacles

Mar 22 - New crystal is four times more sensitive to X-rays

Mar 21 - NHRC Partners with DTRA to Protect Warfighters from Emerging Infectious Diseases

Mar 18 - The Soviet Union Falls, International Biosurveillance Rises: DTRA's Cooperative Biological Engagement Program

Mar 17 - Mobile isolation unit for highly contagious fits Air Force cargo planes

Mar 17 - DTRA/SCC-WMD Exec. Dir. among women leaders in "Working to Form a More Perfect Union" discussion at McNamara HQ Complex

Mar 13 - 16 US ships that aided in Operation Tomodachi still contaminated with radiation

Mar 11 - Surprise nuclear strike? Here's how we'll figure out who did it

Mar 10 - DTRA Program Helps Nations Tackle Biological Threats

Mar 4 - DTRA/SCC-WMD Leadership Changing Hands

Mar 3 - HANEY: Whole of Government Approach is Imperative to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction

Mar 1 - BEVERSTOCK: An International Approach is Essential to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction

Mar 1 - 14th Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Global Sync Conference

Feb 29 - DTRA Scientists Develop Cloud-Based Biosurveillance Ecosystem

Feb 29 - Successful human trials give hope for Ebola countermeasures

Feb 25 - New trigger for self-powered mechanical movement

Feb 11 - [VIDEO] DTRA/SCC-WMD Director testifies before HASC Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee 

Feb 10 - DTRA/SCC-WMD Director testifies before HASC Subcommittee

Feb 5 - Early Warning: Brought to you by the DoD Chem-Bio Defense Program

Feb 4 - Computer-designed protein protects against flu in mice - Engineered molecule may hail new class of antivirals

Feb 3 - DoD Chemical-Biological Program has a Global Mission

Feb 2 - Toxicant penetration and scavenging study key to effective ion channels blocking therapies

Feb 2 - JIDA To Become JIDO Under Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Feb 1 - Precious Metals for Biological Defense

Feb 1 -
Department Realigns Counter-IED Capabilities

Jan 28 - Rise of the Bugs, and DoD the Biosurveillance Enterprise

Jan 28 - Natick scientists collaborating to create 'second-skin' protection

Jan 27 - Sensing the future of molecule detection and bioproduction

Jan 27 - US Defense Threat Reduction Agency Director Visits Kenya Medical Research Institute

Jan 26 - New surface could streamline medical tests

Jan 26 - Russian inspection team observes US training, capabilities

Jan 21 - Antibodies may be 'silver bullet' for Ebola viruses

Jan 21 - Researchers may hold key to developing a single treatment against several types of Ebola

Jan 20 - Ebola Cure Found? Gavi, Merck Sign $5 Million Deal For Experimental Vaccine Days After New Case Emerges

Jan 19 - Experimental Immunotherapy Zaps Two Most Lethal Ebola Virus Strains

Jan 11- DTRA deputy observes interpreter training

Jan 11 - START team visits Vandenberg

Jan 6 - Global Disease Detection Stories: Open Borders, Safe Borders—Thailand Keeps Watch for Outbreaks

Jan 6 - DoD Continues Mobile Laboratory Support in West Africa

Jan 1 - Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman Phones ICBM Crews on New Year's Eve