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DTRA in the News - 2017

Jul 20 - Special forces testing new anti-drone systems

Jul 19 - Sly Fox Mission 21 Designs Rapid Prototype UAV Early Warning CBR Detection System

Jul 19 - The Nuclear Posture Review, Bomber Capability, and Extended Deterrence

Jul 18 - Edgewood Chemical Biological Center Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Jul 18 - Small Russian Drones Do Massive Damage With Grenade Weapons

Jul 17 - U.S. missile defense plans to zap North Korean threats

Jul 16 - Trinity: the birth of the atomic age -- On July 16, 1945, the first nuclear weapon was detonated in the desert of New Mexico

Jul 14 - Researcher, Airmen Test New Counter-UAS Program at Bagram

Jul 12 - Russian inspection team observes US training, capabilities

Jul 11 - Early-Warning Intelligence System Could Save Lives in Chemical Attacks

Jul 11 - North Korean ICBM 'likely' to be able to strike San Diego with two years, analysis says

Jul 11 - U.S. THAAD missile defenses hit test target as North Korea tension rises

Jul 10 - Vehicle that can detect radioactive threats among new technology arising from US-Singapore collaboration

Jul 7 - Mattis, Pacific Region Defense Ministers Discuss North Korean Threat

Jul 7 - Bolstering counter-WMD capabilities in the southeast Europe and Black Sea regions

Jul 6 - New DTRA-supported DNA technology creates digital 'sketch' of terrorists' faces

Jul 6 - Army Describes Counter-WMD Mission in New Doctrine

Jul 6 - Army CBRN School gets new commandant

Jul 5 - DHS Works to Mitigate Large-Scale Car Bomb Attacks in the US

Jul 4 - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls for 'global action' to stop North Korea nuclear program

Jul 3 - New technique 'sees' radioactive material even after it's gone

Jul 3 - Addressing the threat of vehicle-borne IEDs

Jul 3 - Terrorists can get their hands on WMD via tech available on Dark Web - UN

Jul 3 - World Nuclear Powers Improve Bombs While Reducing Arsenals

Jul 3 - Trump Presses Xi for Help in Addressing 'Growing Threat' of North Korea

Jul 2 - Western nations plan digital force fields to thwart vehicle terror attacks

Jul 1 - Unmanned Systems the New Weapon for Terrorists -- JIDO fears that improvised threat devices may be latest drone delivery packages

Jun 30 - Chemical weapons watchdog says Sarin used in April attack in Syria

Jun 30 - Junior Navy Scientists and Engineers Make Early Warning CBR Detection via UAVs a Reality

Jun 29 - WARFARE: Army experts seek to defeat host of improvised threats

Jun 29 - This is What an ISIS Drone Workshop Looks Like

Jun 28 - International cooperation key to keeping WMD away from terrorists, UN Security Council told

Jun 21 - U.S., China Affirm North Korea Threat, Mattis Says

Jun 21 - US General Hyten wants Pentagon nuclear modernization efforts accelerated

Jun 20 - STRATCOM Chief: Deterrence Keeps Major-Power Conflicts Off World Stage

Jun 20 - US fighter jet shoots down pro-Syrian regime drone

Jun 19 - Paris attacker dead after ramming car carrying explosives into police vehicle

Jun 19 - 1st anti-terror drill held at Japanese nuclear plant for drone attack

Jun 19 - DTRA researchers are stacking countermeasures for a layered defense against chemical and biological threats

Jun 16 - Life Needs (Some) Radiation

Jun 15 - Air Force buys 100 Dronebuster devices for security forces

Jun 14 - DTRA hosts joint celebration of U.S. Army's 242nd birthday

Jun 14 - Uniformed Services University Global Health Faculty Participates in 'DIABLO SHIELD' - DTRA exercise aims to counter biological threats

Jun 13 - Stacking Countermeasures for Layered Defense - DTRA research program uses engineered DNA nanostructures to counter chemical agents

Jun 13 - ISIS' Chemical Weapons Capability Collapses in Syria After Battlefield Losses

Jun 13 - US Defense Secretary Mattis tells Congress North Korea 'most urgent' threat to security

Jun 12 - Russia Is Bringing Back Blackjack, the Last Soviet Bomber

Jun 12 - Is Gotham Ready For Bioterror? Maybe - but distributing remedies would be daunting 

Jun 12 - 48th Fighter Wing, DTRA, officials from Denmark, UK, Norway participates in CFE treaty inspection exercise

Jun 11 - Former NYPD Commissioner Bratton thinks Europe-like terror attacks are headed for the US

Jun 9 - Optical Particle Trap for Real-Time Detection of Chemical or Biological Threat Agents

Jun 9 - Drone War Heats Up in the Skies Over Syria

Jun 8 - Modernizing Nuclear Deterrents No. 1 Priority, DoD Officials Tell Congress

Jun 8 - Officials: U.S. Missile Defense System Outpaces Threat

Jun 8 - New hostel opens in the most radioactive place on the planet

Jun 7 - Defense Officials Testify on Nuclear Acquisition

Jun 7 - Las Vegas Strip to have new feature to protect pedestrians after recent terror attacks

Jun 7 - Vehicles Are Becoming the Weapons of Choice for Terrorists

Jun 3 - Defense Secretary Mattis: North Korea a 'clear and present danger' to world

Jun 2 - DTRA-supported new strategy identified for potential treatment of Chikungunya, other viruses -- 'Potential to revolutionize' future vaccine development

Jun 1 - Stinger Missiles Can Now Shoot Down Small Drones

May 31 - Chemical and Biological Lightweight Improved Thermal Ensemble -- DTRA and USANSC create better, more comfortable protective uniform

May 30 - 'Direct collision' for US homeland missile defense interceptor test against ICBM target

May 25 - Modernization, Replacement Programs Constitute Nuclear Deterrence Priority

May 24 - U.S. Fears New Threat From ISIS Drones

May 22 - DTRA Technology Uses DNA to Predict What a Person Looks Like

May 22 - 'Devil' Soldiers train in counter-weapons of mass destruction in South Korea

May 22 - Vayl Oxford sworn in as fifth Director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

May 19 - DTRA Delegation Meets with MIA Border Police of Georgia -- US/Georgia Partnership Focused on Security

May 19 - Ebola outbreak in Congo grows with 29 suspected cases identified

May 19 - Researchers Discover First Human Antibodies That Work Against All Ebolaviruses

May 18 - The World Is a Safer Place, Thanks to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

May 18 - U.S. conducts military drill to counter N. Korea's WMD

May 18 - Increasingly ruthless while facing defeat, ISIS unleashes chemicals in desperate final ploy

May 18 - U.S., Jordan Work to Prevent Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation

May 17 - ISIS Video Shows 'Suicide Drones' Piloted With a PlayStation2 Controller

May 16 - SOCOM commander: Armed ISIS Drones were 2016's 'most daunting problem'

May 16 - Recognizing the threat from Latin America -- Stolen radioactive material could end up in terrorist hands south of the border

May 15 - WHO preparing authorization, logistics for Ebola vaccination in Congo if needed

May 14 - Lawmakers move to step up defenses against North Korea

May 12 - Ebola Returns in Congo, a Test of 'Next Time'

May 12 - Nuclear security training center opens in Almaty, Kazakhstan

May 11 - Lightening the Load for U.S. Troops: Losing Weight, Gaining Protection

May 11 - Stacking Countermeasures for Layered Chem/Bio Defense

May 11 - Drone-Killing Laser Stars in Army Field Test

May 11 - OPTing for Real-Time Detection of Chem/Bio Threats

May 8 - Fukushima accident gave everyone an X-ray's worth of radiation

May 8 - Dress Rehearsal for Armageddon: How Cities Plan for a Nuclear Attack

May 8 - DTRA does construction to exacting measurements to test against weapons

May 5 - Counter-drone tech requires constant improvement, former DoD official says

May 4 - U.S. Military, Federal Agencies Join on Counter-drone Efforts

May 4 - Future Defense Scientists Take On Challenge Of Synthetic Biology -- DTRA challenge works with students at U.S. military academies

May 4 - U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense chemists develop kit to simplify chemical agent exposure verification

May 3 - Drone manufacturer updates software to prevent devices being flown in ISIS territory

May 3 - US missile defense: Getting to 'ready' on North Korea threat

May 3 - Special Sheriff's Unit Scans Incoming Ships For Radioactive Material At LA Ports

May 3 - U.S. Making Sure No WMD in Belize

May 3 - Ballistic missile test-fired from California coastal base

May 3 - Blue nanoparticles mop up radioactive element -- Nanosized Prussian blue formulation removes radioactive caesium from body faster than commercial treatment

May 2 - Hacking for Defense: Changing the Face of Security Problem Solving -- JIDO, SOCOM, US Army getting unique solutions to national security problems

May 2 - Test of U.S. Defense Against North Korea Missiles Set This Month

May 2 - All indications suggest North Korea 'making progress' on nuclear programme -- UN atomic agency chief

Apr 29 - Dept. of Energy recognizes DTRA/Sandia Lab effort that fought Ebola epidemic with an algorithm

Apr 28 - One Soldier's Lasting Memories Of Exposure To Sarin Gas

Apr 27 - U.S. coalition battling ISIS with electronic warfare, counter-drone ops

Apr 27 - Nuclear Forensics: Plutonium Signatures Discovery Capability Launched

Apr 27 - North Korea threat: Top admiral calls on more missile interceptors in Hawaii

Apr 27 - DoD to Conduct Hand-Held Radioisotope Identification Detector Performance Testing

Apr 26 - U.S. launches unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile from California in test of nuclear weapon system

Apr 26 - The Army Is Preparing To Field This Electromagnetic Rifle Against ISIS Drones

Apr 26 - Feds prep for nuclear attack in NJ

26 - "An Unfinished Journey" -- DTRA's CSEL co-authors EVOLUTION of AIRMEN, a look at 50 years of the Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force

Apr 26 - Blasts from the Past: Old Nuke Test Films Offer New Insights -- Midcentury footage could help certify the safety and effectiveness of modern U.S. nuclear weapons

Apr 24 - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang: China wants nuclear weapons eliminated in Korean Peninsula

Apr 23 - The Army is adding the 'Dronebuster' to its set of anti-drone tools

Apr 21 - Mattis: Syria Still Has Chemical Weapons

Apr 20 - This Florida military unit is watching for North Korean nuclear bomb tests

Apr 20 - China criticizes North Korea, praises US on nuclear issue

Apr 20 - Former dean recalls history of nuclear enterprise and Defense Nuclear Weapons School

Apr 19 - JIDO goes agile, but can DoD?

Apr 19 - This bomb is heavier than the MOAB -- DTRA developed 15 ton MOP to reach hard and deeply buried targets

Apr 19 - Army tests drone-killing lasers as threat grows on the battlefield -- Counter-UAS system participated in JIDO's recent "Hard Kill Challenge"

Apr 19 - Iraqi unit with US and Australian advisers hit by ISIS chemical weapon

Apr 19 - US VP Pence warns North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'

Apr 18 - Defense Nuclear Weapons School marks milestone

Apr 17 - Pentagon starts review of nuclear posture ordered by Trump

Apr 17 - Pence Confident 'We Will See A Korean Peninsula Free of Nuclear Weapons'

Apr 17 - HHS Secretary Price Authorizes Emergency Use of Nerve Agent Antidotes

Apr 17 - In a Dragon's Blood, Scientists Discover a Potential Antibiotic

Apr 17 - Brain Rescue: Recovery From Neurological Attack

Apr 17 - Hawaii panel asks state to prepare for North Korea nuclear attack

Apr 16 - Army Lasers Will Soon Destroy Enemy Mortars, Artillery and Drones From Strykers

Apr 15 - 'Mother of all bombs' is a runt compared to the DTRA-developed GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penatrator

Apr 13 - US Army purchase DRONEBUSTER system for use in fight against ISIL

Apr 13 - FACES OF DETERRENCE: Minot Airmen secure, maintain two legs of U.S. nuclear triad

Apr 13 - North Korea may have sarin-tipped missiles, PM Abe says

Apr 13 - Satellite photos show North Korean nuclear site 'primed and ready'

Apr 12 - U.S. nuke-sniffer aircraft arrives on Okinawa as tensions rise on Korean peninsula 

Apr 12 - DTRA's Defense Nuclear Weapons School celebrates 70 years of training the nuclear forces

Apr 12 - U.S., Russia agree to push chemical weapons probe

Apr 11 - Secretary of Defense Mattis: 'No Doubt' Syrian Regime Responsible for Chemical Attacks on Citizens

Apr 11 - Defense chief Mattis says Syria will pay a big price if it uses gas again

Apr 10 - Genomics Is Buried In Too Much Data -- DTRA, LANL, NMRC want "EDGE" to help doctors, labs cut analysis time from days to minutes

Apr 9 - DTRA's Defense Nuclear Weapons School celebrates 70 years of nuclear training

Apr 7 - U.S. Strike Designed to Deter Assad Regime's Use of Chemical Weapons

Apr 6 - Trump Orders Missile Attack in Retaliation for Syrian Chemical Strikes

Apr 6 - Inside the Uranium Underworld: Dark Secrets, Dirty Bombs

Apr 3 - NATO counter-IED equipment delivered to Iraq's Ministry of the Interior

Mar 29 - U.S. WMD Disposal Unit Takes Part in Joint U.S./South Korea Drills

Mar 23 - DTRA Acting Director briefs House Armed Services Committee on CWMD strategy, policy and programs

Mar 23 - Rep. Stefanik's Opening Remarks of HASC Hearing on DoD's CWMD Strategy, Policy, Programs

Mar 23 - US, South Korean soldiers practice taking out chemical-weapons labs

Mar 22 - 'Lab-On-A-Glove' Could Bring Nerve-Agent Detection To Your Fingertips

Mar 21 - US Stryker Vehicle Mounted With First Defensive Laser Zaps Drones During JIDO Challenge

Mar 21 - How the military is defeating drones

Mar 21 - Counter-drone is the new counter-IED

Mar 20 - DoD Debating Approach to Fighting Enemy Drones

Mar 20 - US Embassy hands over $7m testing lab, latest assistance from DTRA builds on previous efforts to stop, treat Ebola

Mar 19 - Physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test films

Mar 17 - Army Demonstrates Integration of High Energy Lasers Weapon on Combat Vehicle -- JIDO's UAS 'Hard-Kill Challenge' Advancing Counter-Drone Technologies

Mar 16 - Inside the FBI's Remote Bomb-Test Training Range -- Hazardous Devices School, Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center look at IEDs and more

Mar 15 - How Intelligent Drones Are Shaping the Future of Warfare

Mar 15 - What Happens If a Nuclear Bomb Goes Off in Manhattan?

Mar 14 - Drone warfare in Mosul shapes US Army training to defeat airborne threats

Mar 13 - A Reporting Team's Nuclear Stress Test: Hazmat Suits, Face Masks and 9 Flights of Stairs

Mar 12 - DTRA, Civil Support Team helps prepare for nuclear incidents

Mar 10 - Elite NYPD Team Protects City From Dirty Bombs, Waterborne Threats

Mar 10 - Nuclear Device in NYC: New York National Guard ponders the unthinkable

Mar 8 - General Selva Tells HASC: Nuclear Deterrent is the Joint Force Modernization Priority

Mar 7 - Thumping 'thread' mimics heart's response to drugs -- DTRA supported research could help develop vaccines, therapeutics for military troops

Mar 7 - If you see the men in hazmat suits on Fantasy Harbor, don't be alarmed

Mar 7 - Death by Nerve Gas: Two Arrests, Many Questions in Attack in Malaysia

Mar 6 - Dominating the New High Ground: US Troops Using Wide Range of Counter-Drone 'Guns,' Jammers and More

Mar 6 - The Fantastic Voyage: "Submarines" Set Sail for New Drug Delivery

Mar 6 - Organs Made to Order for Testing New Countermeasures

Mar 6 - Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Paving a Path to Innovation

Mar 3 - S. Korea, U.S. hold training to counter N.K. weapons of mass destruction

Mar 2 - DoD's SIGMA Program Completes Testing of Ambulance-Mounted 'Dirty Bomb' Detectors

Feb 28 - Counter-Terror Chief: Expect Terrorist Drone Swarms 'Soon'

Feb 28 - Test blasts simulate a nuclear attack on a U.S. port

Feb 23 - CO National Guard Soldiers Partner With Jordanian Forces For Chemical Threat Exercise -- Training came about as a result of DTRA-Jordan relationship

Feb 23 - Antimicrobial substances identified in Komodo dragon blood

Feb 22 - New Biosensor Could Help Search For Nuclear Activity

Feb 22 - Organ-on-a-chip mimics heart's biomechanical properties -- Technology could aide development of therapeutics, vaccines

Feb 20 - US Navy Working to Improve Disease Surveillance in Cambodia

Feb 20 - Catalytic Conveyer Belt: A new method for controlled delivery of particles via fluid flow

Feb 16 - International Collaborations to Defend Against Biological Weapons: The UK/US Experience

Feb 16 - Clemson team partners with DTRA to develop nuclear-activity sensor

Feb 14 - Prestigious INFORM journal awards JIDO researcher -- Paper revisits Pearl Harbor to examine future national security crises 

Feb 14 - Iridium-192 theft a wake-up call

Feb 13 - DTRA's Defense Nuclear Weapons School prepping additional nuclear response classes

Feb 11 - US Defense Threat Reduction Agency working with Georgia's MIA Border Police, Coast Guard 

Feb 10 - DTRA honors DoD civilian with 50 years of service

Feb 10 - Nanotube growth moving in right direction -- DTRA may use for WMD detection, protection

Feb 9 - US's Defense Threat Reduction Agency will help Georgia modernize border

Feb 9 - Georgia's Ministry of Internal Affairs hosted delegation from Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Feb 8 - DOS, DTRA Lead Efforts Supporting Training for Emergency Response to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Incidents

Feb 8 - U.S. Helps Improve CBRN Response Capabilities in Kenya

Feb 7 - Getting Smarter for New Warfighter Countermeasures

Feb 7 - Diagnoskeeter: Diagnosing Mosquito-Borne Viruses 'On the Fly'

Feb 3 - JIDO, SOCOM Organizing Contests to Counter Enemy Drones -- Challenges Are Focused on Smaller UAS Purchased Online or in Stores

Feb 1 - DTRA working with Sandia Labs in developing new medical field lab designs

Feb 1 - DTRA Helps Kenya Build CBRN Response Capability

Jan 17 - DTRA Leveraging Approved Drugs to Expand Biodefense AMR Countermeasure Arsenal

Jan 16 - DTRA Researcher Using Electricity, Not Molecules, to Switch Cells On and Off

Jan 13 - Recreating conditions inside stars with compact lasers -- DTRA research could have multiple applications

Jan 13 - BIOWARE FEARS: Scientists race to develop vaccine for the PLAGUE amid fears terrorists could use the Medieval disease to kill millions

Jan 13 - Is Anti-Drone Gun Taking Out ISIS Quadcopters in Mosul?

Jan 12 - Carter Receives First Sam Nunn National Security Leadership Award

Jan 11 - Ash Carter recognized with the Sam Nunn National Security Leadership Prize

Jan 11 - JSTO in the News: Joint Science and Technology Office stories for January 2017

Jan 10 - "We Must Never Accept the Use of Chemical Weapons Anywhere, Under Any Circumstances"

Jan 10 - Changing the Tide of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Jan 10 - Old Antibiotics, New Tricks to Combat Bio Agents

Jan 10 - And The Oscar Goes To "Organ-On-A-Chip" -- DTRA project to enhance chem/bio protection wins R&D 100 nod

Jan 9 - Hair, Toenail Clippings Could Detect Nuclear Smugglers

Jan 6 - DoD, DHS Conduct Large Scale Chemical Hazard Modeling Trials

Jan 5 - On-Demand Portable Biomolecular Manufacturing

Jan 5 - Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hikers provide data for study of health, performance

Jan 4 - The Drone Wars

Jan 3 - ISIL ramps up fight with weaponiseed drones

Jan 1 - ISIS plotting chemical attack on UK