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DTRA in the News - 2018

Jul 30 - DTRA-Supported Vanderbilt Team Finds Potent Antibodies Against Three Ebola Viruses

Jul 29 - How South Africa Built Nuclear Weapons (And Then Gave Them Up)

Jul 27 - Flexible electronics are the key to a human 'check engine' light -- DTRA and Johns Hopkins University seek advance notice of bio infection

Jul 26 - Measure targets weapons of mass destruction

Jul 25 - US, Japan and South Korea practice investigating ships for WMD material

Jul 25 - Tepco probe to directly touch melted fuel debris at Fukushima nuclear power plant

Jul 25 - U.S. and France Implement Sanctions to Fight Chemical Warfare in Syria

Jul 24 - California wines contain Fukushima radiation, and it's not a bad thing

Jul 23 - U.S. STRATCOM to take over responsibility for nuclear command, control and communications

Jul 18 - 'This is just the beginning': Using DNA and genealogy to crack years-old cold cases -- DTRA pushed, funded the research almost a decade ago to stop terrorists

Jul 18 - Public-private partnership aims to develop novel oral antibiotic -- DTRA and HHS working with Spero Therapeutics

Jul 17 - Smallpox Drug Developed With DTRA Support WIll Be Stockpiled By U.S. Gov't In Case Of Bioterrorism Attack


Jul 17 - A Second Skin for the First Layer of Defense

Jul 17 - Tpoxx receives FDA approval for treatment of smallpox -- Multiagency effort supported by DTRA, BARDA, CDC and more

Jul 17 - Oasis of Data in the SAHARA

Jul 17 - Before the Battlefield: Competition Spurs Warfighter Innovations

Jul 9 - Pentagon's AI Program to Find Hidden Nuclear Missiles

Jul 9 - Fed lab releases 250+ never-before-seen declassified nuclear test videos

Jul 6 - "Roadmap for Implementing Biosecurity and Biodefense Policy in the United States"

Jul 6 - Japan Executes Cult Leader Responsible for 1995 Sarin Gas Attack on Tokyo Subway That Killed 13, Sickened 6,000+

Jul 5 - Two More Victims of Soviet-Era Nerve Agent Poisoned in British Town

Jul 4 - Army Demos New Method for Testing Explosives Stored in Nuclear Weapons

Jul 4 - NATO Seeks C-IED Electronic Countermeasure Systems

Jul 1 - Bolton Says U.S. Has a Plan to Dismantle North Korea's Nuclear Program in a Year

Jun 29 - Mattis says Japan-U.S. committed to ending North Korea's WMD

Jun 28 - DoD Honors Value Engineering Achievement Award Recipients -- DTRA Just ! of 3 Agencies to Win Award

Jun 27 - Trading Lab Coats and Goggles for MOPP Suits and Gas Masks

Jun 27 - Detecting chem. weapons with LEGOS? 

Jun 27 - Blurring Science and Data Offers Clear Results in the Field

Jun 26 - Partnerships enhance Jordan's security amid weapons of mass destruction threat

Jun 18 - Col. Padilla Takes Helm as New DTRA Site Director at Kirtland AFB

Jun 14 - Bats Help Solve Marburg Mystery

Jun 5 - DTRA's Ultrasound-Powered Nanorobots Clear Bacteria and Toxins From Blood

Jun 4 - The Navy Might Soon Have a New Nuclear Weapon for Its Missile Submarines

May 22 - Maj. Gen. Christopher Bentley Named Next Director of DTRA's JIDO

May 22 - Port of Stockton holds weapons of mass destruction drill

May 16 - Inspectors Confirm 'Likely' Use of Chlorine as Chemical Weapon in Syria in February

May 14 - Could North Korea's nuclear weapon arsenal end up in Tennessee?

May 4 - Novichok Chemical Weapon Developer Says Half a Cup Would Have Killed Skripal and Entire Town

May 3 - How Butterflies Can Detect Deadly Chemical Weapon Agents

May 2 - Changing World Situation Requires Resilient Nuclear Posture, DoD Official Says

Apr 30 - DTRA Supports Ethiopia's Capacity to Help Prevent and Address Global Disease Outbreaks

Apr 30 - How DTRA is Helping to Create Generation STEM

Apr 29 - On the Leading EDGE of Innovation -- New Tools Could Help Protect U.S. Troops from Chemical and Biological Threats

Apr 26 - Korean leaders aim for end of war, 'complete denuclearization' after historic summit

Apr 24 - Can artificial intelligence help U.S. SOCOM track weapons of mass destruction?

Apr 24 - General Goldfein: Convert Tankers to Extend Air Force 'Nuke Sniffer' Mission

Apr 21 - Chemical Weapons Inspectors Finally Gain Access to Douma -- OPCW visiting Syrian city more than two weeks after suspected chemical attack 

Apr 21 - North Korea, Setting Stage for Talks, Halts Nuclear, ICBM Tests

Apr 20 - Chemical weapons coverup suspected in Syria as inspectors remain blocked

Apr 19 - Strikes Successful Against Syrian Chemical Weapons, DoD Officials Say

Apr 14 - Joined by Allies, President Trump Takes Action to End Syria's Chemical Weapons Attacks

Apr 14 - Pentagon Officials Describe Syria Strikes, Hope Assad Gets Message

Apr 13 - U.S., Allies Strike Syrian Targets in Response to Regime's Chemical Attacks

Apr 13 - These Are Syria's Chemical Weapons. Here's How To Destroy Them

Apr 12 - DTRA, UK partner to train 48th FW in CFE inspection event

Apr 4 - Pacific Soldiers build relationships through radiological training taught by DTRA, 10th WMD Civil Support Team

Mar 30 - Early Warning Tools Needed for Chem-Bio Defense

Mar 26 - DTRA Director, Jordan's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff meet to discuss current, future cooperation

Mar 26 - The US military is now advancing a tactical Ebola vaccine

Mar 15 - Resistance is Futile: Defeating Antibiotic Overuse

Mar 6 - Tunisia's Border Wall Gets Technological Support

Feb 16 - New Recipies for Decontamination

Feb 16 - Of Mice to Men: First Melioidosis Vaccine on the Horizon

Feb 15 - Professors study bacteria fighting method for DTRA

Feb 10 - USAF commissions Boeing to build more MOPs - 30,000 lb. extreme bunker buster was developed under DTRA and turned over to Air Force in 2010

Feb 6 - DTRA turns over modern 'coast watch' building to Palawan

Jan 18 - DTRA-Supported Genetic Sequencing Points to Endemic Origin of Monkeypox Virus Outbreak in Nigeria

Jan 2 - Going Underground: The U.S. Government's Hunt for Enemy Tunnels

Jan 2 - DoD wants your ideas on how to operate, navigate underground

Jan 1 - ISIS supporters in Malaysia may build bombs with radioactive materials