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DTRA in the News - 2018

Apr 21 - Chemical Weapons Inspectors Finally Gain Access to Douma -- OPCW visiting Syrian city more than two weeks after suspected chemical attack 

Apr 21 - North Korea, Setting Stage for Talks, Halts Nuclear, ICBM Tests

Apr 20 - Chemical weapons coverup suspected in Syria as inspectors remain blocked

Apr 19 - Strikes Successful Against Syrian Chemical Weapons, DoD Officials Say

Apr 14 - Joined by Allies, President Trump Takes Action to End Syria's Chemical Weapons Attacks

Apr 14 - Pentagon Officials Describe Syria Strikes, Hope Assad Gets Message

Apr 13 - U.S., Allies Strike Syrian Targets in Response to Regime's Chemical Attacks

Apr 13 - These Are Syria's Chemical Weapons. Here's How To Destroy Them

Apr 12 - DTRA, UK partner to train 48th FW in CFE inspection event

Apr 4 - Pacific Soldiers build relationships through radiological training taught by DTRA, 10th WMD Civil Support Team

Mar 30 - Early Warning Tools Needed for Chem-Bio Defense

Mar 26 - DTRA Director, Jordan's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff meet to discuss current, future cooperation

Mar 26 - The US military is now advancing a tactical Ebola vaccine

Mar 15 - Resistance is Futile: Defeating Antibiotic Overuse

Mar 6 - Tunisia's Border Wall Gets Technological Support

Feb 16 - New Recipies for Decontamination

Feb 16 - Of Mice to Men: First Melioidosis Vaccine on the Horizon

Feb 15 - Professors study bacteria fighting method for DTRA

Feb 10 - USAF commissions Boeing to build more MOPs - 30,000 lb. extreme bunker buster was developed under DTRA and turned over to Air Force in 2010

Feb 6 - DTRA turns over modern 'coast watch' building to Palawan

Jan 18 - DTRA-Supported Genetic Sequencing Points to Endemic Origin of Monkeypox Virus Outbreak in Nigeria

Jan 2 - Going Underground: The U.S. Government's Hunt for Enemy Tunnels

Jan 2 - DoD wants your ideas on how to operate, navigate underground

Jan 1 - ISIS supporters in Malaysia may build bombs with radioactive materials