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Justifications & Approvals

In order to provide greater transparency, and in accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, DTRA is now providing links to Justifications & Approvals (J&As) for contracts awarded. Please go directly to the Federal Business Opportunities web site to obtain the most current listing of posted J&As.

HDTRA1-15-C-0007 Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition - Sierra Leone Mobile Labs Dec.12, 2014
HDTRA1-13-C-0043 Force on Force Evaluation and Analysis of Key Performance Parameters May 6, 2013
J9IST4544 Laser Induced Acoustic Sensor for Standoff Detection of Explosives Jan. 15, 2013
HDTRA1-04-D-0020 Modification to increase the ceiling under the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Yield Explosives (CBRNE) Exercise Support contract  Dec. 7, 2012
HDTRA1-11D-0009 T.O 0006 Empty Motor Case (EMC) Elimination Facility (EEF) Installation and Commissioning Project  Sept. 7, 2012 
On-site Repair Points (ORPs) Procurement  Sept. 5, 2012 
HDRTA1-12-P-0028 DTRA-National Academies Research Partnership Initiative  Aug. 16, 2012 
DTRA01-01-D-0012 Modification for additional renovations/construction for Ukraine SS-24 Empty Motor Case (EMC) Elimination and Incinerator Facility (EEIF) in Pavlograd, Ukraine. Oct. 17, 2011
HDTRA1-11-C-0072 Arms Control Enterprise System (ACES) New START Treaty (NST) Spiral 2 and 3 Software Development Oct. 14, 2011
HDTRA1-11-D-0007 Modification for additional equipment for Ukraine Land Border Project Oct. 13, 2011
HDTRA1-11-C-0071 Nuclear Security Best Practices Workshop and Preparation Activities Oct. 13, 2011
DTRA01-03-D-0003-0028 Extreme Ultra-Violet (XUV) Test Environments and Database Model Validation Sept. 22, 2011
Technology Development (ETFO)
Aug. 25, 2011
Arms Control Treaty Subject Matter Expert
Aug. 1, 2011
Completing Work to Owlstone Miniature Chemical Detectors
Aug. 1, 2011
Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement
Jul. 6, 2011
OPNET Senior Engineer Services
Jul. 6, 2011
DTRA01-03-D-0017-0058 C-WAC Operational Applications (ETFO) Jun. 21, 2011
DTRA01-03-D-0014-0037 C-WAC Operational Applications (ETFO) Jun. 21, 2011
HDTRA1-11-F-0028 Arms Control Enterprise System Operations and Maintenance (ETFO) Jun. 3, 2011
HDTRA1-10-D-0012 High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Detector/Identifiers Oct. 5, 2010
HDTRA1-10-D-0011 Radiation Sensors Oct. 5, 2010
HDTRA1-10-D-0010 Research Associateship Program Oct. 5, 2010
HDTRA1-08-C-0010 Owlstone Miniature Chemical Detector Sept. 20, 2010
HDTRA1-10-C-0079 H1N1 Countermeasure Development Aug. 11, 2010
HDTRA1-10-D-0003 Software Platform for Digital Data Analysis and Interrogation on a Single High Performance Workstation May 10, 2010
HDTRA1-09-C-0047 Genomic Sequencing Exercise Support Oct. 13, 2009
HDTRA01-09-C-0068 Acceleration of Deployment of an Infectious Disease and Biothreat Advanced Diagnostic with CLIA Waiver Oct. 5, 2009
HDTRA1-05-F-0049 Editor Support Sept. 22, 2009
HDTRA1-09-C-0044 Chemical & Biological Testing & Diagnostic Development & Verification Services Sept. 17, 2009
HDTRA1-09-C-0064 Arms Control Enterprise System (ACES) Technical Support Sept. 3, 2009
HDTRA1-05-F-0975 Public Affairs Support Service Aug. 17, 2009