The Threat Reduction Advisory Committee may be composed of up to 25 members who are eminent authorities in the fields of national defense, geopolitical and national security affairs, and weapons of mass destruction.

Committee members are appointed by the Secretary of Defense, and their appointments are renewed on an annual basis. With the exception of travel and per diem for official travel, Committee members normally serve without compensation.

The Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics and the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Matters select the Committee’s Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, respectively, from the Committee membership at large.

Ambassador Ronald F. Lehman II, Chair
Counselor to the Director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Member (22 November 2010 – Present) 

Dr. Miriam E. John, Vice Chair 
Vice President, Emeritus, Sandia National Laboratories
Member (22 November 2010 – Present)
Honorable Joseph A. Benkert
Vice President, The Cohen Group
Member (22 November 2010 – Present)
  RADM Kenneth W. Bernard, USPHS (Retired)
Member (5 November 2012 - Present)
  Dr. Joseph V. Braddock
Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Potomac Foundation
Member (March 2016 - Present)
  Dr. Melissa Choi
Head of the Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control Division
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Member (18 November 2015 - Present)
  Honorable Richard A. Falkenrath
Senior Manager, Bridgewater Associates
Member (22 November 2010 – Present)
  Donna Gregg
Head of the Asymmetric Operations Sector
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Member (18 November 2015 - Present)
  Dr. Gigi K. Gronvall 
Senior Associate, Center for Biosecurity University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Member (22 November 2010 – Present)
  VADM Robert S. Harward, USN (Ret.)
Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin UAE
Member (22 April 2015 - Present)
  Lieutenant General Francis H. Kearney, III, USA (Retired) 
President, Inside-Solutions-LLC
Member (10 April 2012 – Present)
  Honorable Susan J. Koch 
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Policy
Member (22 November 2010 – Present)
  Honorable Michael E. Leiter
Executive Vice President of Business Development and Strategy
Leidos Holdings
  Honorable Michael Nacht 
Professor of Public Policy, U.C. Berkeley
Member (10 July 2012 – Present)
  Ms. Joan B. Rohlfing 
President and Chief Operating Officer, Nuclear Threat Initiative
Member (22 April 2015 - Present)
  Dr. Jeffrey M. Starr 
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Neo Prime Solutions, Inc.
Member (22 November 2010 – Present)
  Ms. Eileen S. Vergino 
Former Deputy Director, Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory
Member (22 November 2010 – Present)
  Dr. George M. Whitesides
Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers Professor
Harvard University



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