These documents provide information associated with the Department of Defense's radiological cleanup of Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The combined federal effort cost about $100 million and required an on-atoll task force numbering almost 1,000 people for three years, 1977-1980. The departments of Defense, Energy, and Interior were involved in this project. For information about radiation dose assessments of U.S. military personnel involved in atmospheric and underground U.S. nuclear tests, conducted in the 1940's-1992, refer to the information provided on our webpages listed in the NTPR Program Quick Links box.

DTRA provides historical research and radiation dose assessments as needed for claim evaluations by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Justice. DTRA does not handle personal inquiries from veterans and cannot initiate or adjudicate your claim. However, we are able to provide some assistance to those veterans that have a record problem identified on their previously filed claim; you can reach DTRA's NTPR program using the information provided in the "Contact The NTPR Program" box below the quick links.

Some of the documents below are quite long (900+ pages) and very large files (60+MB). They were split into parts in order to preserve the best quality possible for large, older typewriter-produced documents.