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Ms. Rebecca K.C.

Acting Deputy Director

Acting Deputy Director

Brigadier General
Peter M. Bonetti

Executive Director

Executive Director

Dr. Rhys M.

Senior Enlisted Leader

Senior Enlisted Leader

Command Sergeant Maj.
Brant C. Shyrigh

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DTRA Leadership


Soldiers having discussion




Commander Sergeant Major Shyrigh speaking at an event

Director's Leadership Principles

Team Oriented

This Agency is large, complex, diverse, and dispersed, but we must still aspire to be a single cohesive team. We will emphasize transparency and open lines of communication as the foundation of teamwork. Historical stovepipes must be replaced with Agency-wide integration and we must enhance our ability to anticipate customer needs during crisis, synchronize our considerable resources to increase effectiveness, and work with key partners where our purposes align. It is only through teamwork that the Agency’s strategic priorities can be realized.


People Centric

People are our most valuable resource. DTRA possesses extensive capabilities designed to tackle a wide range of WMD challenges, but these are nothing without the human capital required to develop and implement them. The Agency must maximize the strategic impact of its human capital through innovative partnerships and provide pathways for career growth. We must embrace an environment in which all people are valued, and diversity of thought, perspective, background, and identity are embraced and encouraged.


Mission Focused

DTRA’s CWMD mission is both complex and dynamic—one that spans the continuum from adversary threat conceptualization to U.S. forces’ attack mitigation and recovery. However, every member of our DTRA team is united in purpose that our work matters—to our national security, to the well-being of Allies and partners around the world, and to the safety and security of family and loved ones here at home.


Additional Leaders

General Counsel (GC)

Mr. Craig Miller SES

Acting Chief of Staff (CS)

Ms. Georgina Boyce

Staff Offices

Chief Inspector General (IG)

Mr. John Neal

Chief of Equity and Diversity (EI)

Ms. Willisa Donald

Chief of Occupational Health (ES)

Ms. Sherry Davis

Chief of Public Affairs (PA)

Ms. Melissa Tune

Chief, Legislative Affairs (LA)

Ms. Kimberly Shaw


Director of Acquisitions, Contracts and Logistics (AL)

Ms. Lisa Swan SES

Director Cooperative Threat Reduction (CT)

Dr. Robert Pope SES

Director of Human Resources (HR)

Col. Christine Enriquez USA

Acting Director of Information Integration & Technology Services (IT)

Mr. Robert W. Turk

Acting Director of Nuclear Enterprise (NE)

Mr. Mark Franciszkowicz SES

Director On-site Inspector & Building Capacity (OB)

Mr. David Musgrave SES

Director of Operations and Integration (OI)

Mr. Kyle Lampela SES

Director of Research and Development (RD)

Dr. Michael Kuliasha SES

Director of Strategic Integration (SI)

Mr. Hunter Lutinski SES


DTRA provides cross-cutting solutions to enable the Department of Defense, the United States Government, and international partners to deter strategic attack against the United States and its allies; prevent, reduce, and counter WMD and emerging threats; and prevail against WMD-armed adversaries in crisis and conflict.  

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