Caption: DTRA's and SCC-WMD's talented and high-performing professionals have a passion for making the world safer. (DTRA photo)

When DTRA employees arrive at work every morning, they are addressing the number one national security threat we face as a nation. The threat of WMD is a threat that can change everything about the way in which Americans live their lives.

Our mission at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) – to safeguard the United States and its allies from weapons of mass destruction – is of paramount importance for the defense of our country. We play a critical role in the effort to dissuade, deter and defeat those who seek to harm the United States, its allies and its partners.

Whether it is nuclear surety and forensics, arms control, developing field technology for our warfighters, or support to the combatant commands, DTRA exists to provide solutions that destroy, contain or neutralize WMD before they can be used on us or our allies.

When the Department of Defense seeks technical and operational expertise and competence in efforts to counter weapons of mass destruction, the Department looks to DTRA.

We seek a diverse, innovative and multi-talented military and civilian workforce to accomplish our mission. Our employees are guided daily by the agency’s values – integrity, service, excellence, innovation and teamwork. To achieve our long-term goals critical to national security, we are looking for high-performing, dedicated professionals that have a passion for making the world safer.

If this is your passion, we hope that you will consider becoming part of a team whose responsibilities span the full range of activities necessary to counter and respond to WMD proliferation and use.

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