Your Supervisor

Your Supervisor plays a critical role in the Onboarding Program.  In addition to the traditional supervisory roles and responsibilities, your Supervisor will help you acclimate to the culture and values of the organization, clearly explain expectations to ensure a smooth transition, and help you become successful in your new role.

While onboarding is an 18-month process, the first 90 days are critical.  Your Supervisor will use an Onboarding Checklist to help you transition.  By teaming with your Supervisor to complete the Onboarding Checklist, you will quickly become productive and effective in your new role.

Reasonable Accommodations

DTRA provides reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.  If you require a modification or adjustment to a job or the work environment in order to perform essential job functions, inform your supervisor as soon as possible.  Click 
here for additional guidance.

Your Sponsor

Your Supervisor has assigned a Sponsor to help guide you through your transition period and beyond.  The Sponsor’s role is to help you settle into the organization and your new work environment.  Your Sponsor will contact you by phone or e-mail at least one week before your start date. 

Prior to orientation on your first day, your Sponsor will meet you and guide you through Onboarding activities.  Your Sponsor will be available to answer questions (or find someone who can), offer suggestions and advice about the organization and local area, and be available to help you navigate your way around your new office. 

As you prepare for your first day, your Sponsor, along with your Supervisor, will also be preparing your workspace and getting ready to welcome you.  Once you start, your Sponsor will give you a tour and help you become acclimated to DTRA culture.  Feel free to reach out to your Sponsor any time you have concerns or questions.

Getting Here