What if the worst-case scenario actually happens? What if a rogue nation or terrorist group builds or acquires a nuclear weapon and uses it against the United States, our troops, or one of our allies?

The thought of a nuclear attack is so horrible most people would not want to even think about it for a second. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, would be killed instantly; just as many could die in the following days, and untold numbers would be permanently injured. Material and economic damage would surpass all but the biggest natural disasters in the past century. But it is our job to combat weapons of mass destruction, and that means preparing for the worst – so we can best survive it.

Our Nuclear Survivability scientists, researchers and military experts are helping our military enhance battlefield survivability. They’re developing radiation hardened electronics to protect our equipment and infrastructure from a damaging electromagnetic pulse. And in doing so, they’re preserving our military capability to quickly react to such an attack and carry out offensive operations as ordered by national and military leaders.