We do everything we can to reduce, neutralize, dismantle or otherwise eliminate weapons of mass destruction in a peaceful, cooperative and transparent method, and we have a tremendous record of doing just that. But there are times when cooperation is not possible and WMD still need to be eliminated. Our scientists, technicians and military experts are working to ensure that, when needed, we can find, identify and destroy  those weapons before they can be used against us.

We have some of the world's best experts on hard and deeply buried targets - the underground facilities often used to manufacture, store or prepare weapons of mass destruction. We're working on technologies that can find and characterize weapons that are being sheltered, hidden, masked or protected under several layers of defense. And we develop, test and transition a variety of weapons that are designed specifically to defeat WMD.

Some of these systems are built to augment or enhance existing robots or vehicles, while others are complete systems custom-made for specific missions; some of them operate quietly in the shadows, and some of them use chemistry and the laws of physics to achieve success. All of them are designed to keep our adversaries weapons of mass destruction from posing a real threat.