Aimed at protecting personnel, sensitive systems, and infrastructure from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosive weapons and weapon effects with specific emphasis on radiological and nuclear threats, Thrust Area 3 focuses on conducting CWMD-centric basic research in the following capability components:

Protection of Sensitive Systems

Developing the science to protect next-generation components and systems from the effects of radiation-induced errors and damage; and will result in warfighter equipment and DoD essential systems that last longer and operate with fewer errors.

Nuclear Environments Simulation and Characterization

Enhancements to the ability to experimentally simulate a nuclear event without detonation, by means of sophisticated modeling and non-nuclear simulation.

Protection of Personnel from Radiological and Nuclear Effects

Development of better surveillance and monitoring systems and preventing deleterious effects if exposure is unavoidable, through the exploration of novel uses of polyextremophiles for protecting the warfighter by lessening the potential for exposure to radiological and nuclear materials.

For a list of what we have funded in the past, see our Complete Award History (Excel).

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