Our Training and Leadership Development programs have been designed to ensure the Agency/Center sustains a competent, highly-qualified, and agile workforce.  During your career at DTRA, you will receive development opportunities to help you perform at the highest proficiency levels for all leadership and technical skills.

Mentoring Program

The DTRA Mentoring Program, open to all civilian employees and Service members interested in participating as a mentor or mentee, provides an opportunity to participate in a formal mentoring partnership.  The Mentoring Program is a 9-month program, providing a valuable opportunity for employees to grow both personally and professionally.  The program helps employees enhance their leadership skills and increases overall organizational awareness. 
The mentor serves as teacher, guide, counselor, and challenger.  The mentee sets goals for the year in a written action plan and takes an active role in carrying out the plan.  Although having a mentor does not guarantee advancement, having the wise counsel of an experienced colleague can help plan your career, manage challenging situations with ease, and possibly avoid some of the pitfalls that may derail a career or delay a promotion.

Competitive Professional Development Programs
We are committed to providing our personnel opportunities to participate in developmental programs for professional and career enhancement.  Competitive Professional Development Programs (CPDPs) provide professional development opportunities and training activities for civilian employees and Service members to ensure readiness and enhance the capabilities of the Agency/Center’s workforce.  All CPDP training is centrally funded and at no cost to the participant.

The Competitive Academic Program (CAP) contributes to the success of the Agency/Center by funding study in various disciplines needed to support and enhance mission-related performance.  The CAP is a planned, systematic, and coordinated program of professional development endorsed by the DoD.  The program is designed to broaden employee knowledge of technical and administrative disciplines instrumental to the success of the Agency/Center and foster a culture of continual learning that encourages self-development and ensures DTRA remains an employer of choice.

The CAP will fund up to $5,000 for approved undergraduate programs or $10,000 for approved graduate-level programs for eligible candidates selected to participate in the program.