In an effort to ensure a positive, consistent experience for new civilian employees and Service members, DTRA has developed a robust Onboarding Program which starts well before your first day and continues throughout the first 18 months in your new position.

DTRA is a world class organization with a critical mission.  At the heart of our mission is our most valuable asset - our people.  We've have taken a comprehensive approach in developing an Onboarding Program designed to demonstrate our commitment to our people and their development. Our goal is to provide a supportive and welcoming environment, along with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary for you to be successful in your new role. 

The Onboarding Program includes three distinct Phases:


Week 1
Month 1
Month 2-5
Month 6
Month 7
Month 18
During this phase, you will complete in-processing, orientation, and develop a better undestanding of the organization and your new role. Your supervisor and sponsor will get to know you better and find out more about your personal and professional goals.
This phase is designed to provide you with the tools, feeback and support needed to empower you to be productive and engaged as you continue to adjust to your new role. You will receive early career support through frequent interaction and feedback with your supervisor.
In the Excel phase, you will receive support to further develop skills and competencies which will advance your career. This includes developing professional networks, identifying additional training and development opportunities, and celebrating accomplishments.
Mission Personalization
Career Development


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